Energy Alchemy for Your Conscious Business or Career to Grow

Watch the introduction by St. Germain.

You’re struggling to grow or expand your business. You’re craving a breakthrough in your business/career. You might be feeling like your business/career is stuck and not moving. Your business/career just isn’t in flow.


Maybe you’re just getting tired of your business/career and the day to day and it needs some new energy. You’ve lost the excitement and joy from the early days of your business/career.


Perhaps you’re thinking about launching a business and you want to give it the best possible start. You want to infuse your business idea with possibility and gain clarity around the next steps.



Maybe you've already looked for coaches and strategists, but none of them feel right.


Imagine a different kind of support.


Imagine what it would feel like to discover that Ascended Masters want to help YOU. You had never considered that before. You’re relieved to get some energy and new life into your business.


You’re excited to break through that feeling that has you stuck. You look forward to waking up and being excited to work with your business. You can't wait to meet the new clients that are flowing into your life and what you choose to do next. You’re relieved that there is flow within your business/career.


You feel peaceful with the clarity that you now have around your new business. You are confident to move ahead with the next steps knowing you have support from the universe. It feels soul aligned.



The Business Light Expansion will infuse you and your business/career with expanded energy so that you can move forward confidently.



This healing is supporting conscious businesses/career by upgrading the energy structure for your business/career. You've done your personal work to adapt to the changing energy on the planet and this adapts your business/career to the new energy.

St Germain Portal created by St Germain through Verna Maruata.

Overlighted by St Germain


Overlighted by Ascended Master St. Germain, Business Light Expansion is the catalyst that will greatly assist in transforming, empowering and helping you recreate your newly empowered business/career. 


St Germain has been the catalyst for this healing. He came to one of us during meditation and named the 4 people to be involved.  He has provided direction in meditation and through channeling for each step of the process.  We are honored to be working with him and excited to share this healing process with you.  

We are a group of healers who work with people like you that want to bring higher energy into your business/career. 


We help you by serving as a clear channel for divine energy so that you and your business/career receive exactly what you need to grow and expand. 


Our Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters that work with us share transformational healing energy.

Brad Panopoulos

Energy Channel, Orgonite Alchemist, Energy Healer

Courtney Dillon

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Medium, Coach

Sheila Franzen

Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer, Technology Expert

Tammy Yarsa Manzo

Astrologist, Energy Healer, Reiki Master

Overview with the Healers


In this Q&A, Sheila, Brad, Tammy & Courtney share more about their experience with the healing, what you can expect, and what makes the healing unique. We hope this will help with the questions you have!

As a result of the Business Light Expansion, you will...

Experience your business or career being upgraded into new energy

Feel new excitement and energy for your business or your career

Have clarity on that issue you couldn’t get past

Move forward with confidence in your business or career

Feel supported with energy and insights that you never could have imagined


We are all on an active path of ascension and have cleared the karma from our chakra system. This allows us to be a clear healing channel so that you receive exactly what you and your business need.

Business Light Expansion Includes:


Container of Change

Your business/career will be placed inside The Container of Change where it will receive a reinvigorating transmutation that'll breathe new life into it. This is where the Masters will do their work of gently upgrading the energy in your business/career. 



Torus Healing Session for You and Your Business/Career

You’ll answer a few questions that provide the information required for the Healing. Prior to the Astrology Reading & Channeled Session, we (4 healers) will meet and place you and your business/career at the center of an energetic torus. This will allow the Masters and our Higher Selves to provide you with healing energy for your business/career and the items that you would like assistance with. This infuses your business (location, website, social media accounts) or career(goals, opportunities) with light.


Cord Cutting and Energy Balancing for Your Business/Career

One of our healers will provide an energetic cord cutting and energy balancing for your business/career. This session will bring a greater degree of harmony to your business/career. It will allow disconnecting from the old and embodying the new.



Astrology Reading/Healing for Your Business/Career

In this 45 minute Zoom session, you'll meet with one of our healers for a personalized business/career astrology reading. You’ll provide the start date of your business and it’s Legal name and one of our healers will provide you with insight into the existing energetic strengths and weaknesses of the business. You can see where the energy "drains out" and you will be able to capitalize on some of the possibly "overlooked" attributes. If you are starting a brand new business or planning to have a grand reopening, we can advise you of dates to avoid and dates with more supportive energy for your very important event. Astrology shows timing and cycles of energy, which can also be applied to timing in the business world. You’ll receive a recording of the session so you can listen as many times as you like to gain additional clues.



Channeled Session for your Business/Career

In this 45 minute Zoom session, you'll meet with one of our healers for a channeled session. The healer will channel the Ascended Masters & Higher Beings and answer your questions. You’ll know exactly which Masters when they introduce themselves to you in the session. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity and guidance. You’ll receive a recording of the session so you can listen as many times as you like to gain additional insight.


30 Minute Activation Session

Several weeks after the Astrology Reading and Channeled Session, you will receive a follow-up questionnaire to complete and a link to schedule the activation call. During this activation session, we'll review your next steps and the seal that St Germain has placed around the energetic work that has been completed for your business. You’ll have time for any final questions and observations from the work.


We, with the help of the Ascended Masters and our Higher Selves, we are here to help infuse your business/career with new light. 


Investment: $675 (payment plan of 2 payments is available)

Let's Get Started


Step 1. Make your payment for the package and complete the questionnaire.


Step 2. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with the next steps.


Step 3. We'll deliver the torus healing prior to your first live session.


Step 4. You'll meet live for the Astrology reading and Channeled session.


Note: By completing payment for this session, your contact information will be shared with the 4 healers. You may receive future emails from them that you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Business Light Expansion is on HOLD until later in the year.  Send a note below or check back sometime after July.

I literally cannot say enough good things about BLE. It transformed my business! A few examples:

* I have been trying to redo my website for over a year. I tried doing it myself -epic fail. I tried hiring someone--he had three 2 hour meetings with me then ghosted. After doing BLE, the perfect web designer fell in my lap and had the entire thing done in 10 days and it is so much better then I could have imagined..

* I have also been looked for a new photo studio for a year. Just a few weeks ago, I found a spot that is so perfect I keep pinching myself. I am signing the lease next week.

* I started BLE in September. October and November were my two most financially abundant months ever. I made almost as much in two months as I made in all of 2018. All during a global pandemic


Overall, I felt my fears lesson, and, most of all, I have a clarity about my business that I have never experienced before. I can only hope that this will be offered again so that I can do it every year. 


Ellen Shershow


I LOVED being supported with the energies of the Ascended Masters. It felt like a/an:


- Infusion of new creations and support of letting go of old ways that no longer serve.

- Reprogramming deep inside of my being.

- Opening to support on new levels of partnership.

- It's going to be okay, along with an invitation to rest in Love as I deepen into trusting the process.


I'm humbled. I'm grateful. I feel changed forever in the best way possible.


Rita Henry

Intuitive Counselor,

I love the way that the energy worked for me quickly. The most important is to be open to believing! The work Sheila, Tammy, Courtney, and Brad do ( Kudos to St Germaine) is sincere, honest and most of all it’s authentic. I saw a quick change in my thoughts, shed old belief systems and clients supporting me in my career. I experience those changes and I’m glad I took this opportunity that crossed my path. 

Thank you BLE team!

I received a business torus healing several months ago. From just receiving the torus healing, I have had a notable increase in new clients. I’m now booked out 2 weeks in advance which I’ve never been before!

After my Business Light Expansion, not only has there been an increase in clients, but my creativity about what I offer has been activated.  I am getting new ideas and a-ha moments regularly.  Talk about being in the flow! And it is all coming with grace and ease. I feel like I have been put on the fast track.

Something magical happened once this process began. I discovered clarity that I had been longing for with different aspects of my business. The astrology reading helped me see how my business couldn't expand with too many things in play. Courtney's clear message from the Masters on how I can expand was beautiful. Things are moving forward quickly and I'm excited!

Before the Business Light Expansion, I didn’t fully own my role as a healer. As a result, I was unclear about myself and the services that I offered. I also struggled to feel inspired. There were days when I didn’t feel like working in my business. My business and I were stuck and whatever that I did to get my business moving forward wasn’t working. I had spent a lot of money on my business and sadly those investments were like water down the drain.


When I learned about the Business Light Expansion, a light bulb went on in my head. For me, it was like finally there is an energetic support system that can help me and my business.

I registered for it and I’ve received so much clarity and insights about myself and my business. I was blown away by the energetic support that was provided by St. Germain and the four healers.

Since the Business Light Expansion, my mindset and attitude have changed. I fully embraced my role as a healer and a teacher. I am confident of my healing services. I also feel comfortable sharing more about myself and my journey. I am now inspired to work in my business. Creating content to share on social media is much easier now than before. I finally feel supported after years of feeling alone doing what I do.

I am grateful to St. Germain and Brad, Courtney, Sheila and Tammy for bringing forth this transformation.

I am glad that I did it and I highly recommend the Business Light Expansion.


Questions for Us?

 Frequently Asked Questions

What if I work for someone else and don't own a business?

The healing can be completed for your career. Your work life has it's own energy and the Masters would love to support you in your career.  Your expanded light will support you and the business that you work for. 

Can I do the healing for a business that I work for but I don't own?

We can't do the healing for the business you work for as that would be up to the owner to decide if they want that expanded energy.  We can do it for your career which will allow you to expand in your light and your work.  This expansion will shine through wherever you are.

What should I do during the Torus healing before the session?

We recommend that you sit quietly in meditation or simply lay down and rest. Set the intention to receive the healing and allow yourself to just be as present as possible. 

How long is the healing?

We recommend that you allow yourself at least 30 minutes to consciously receive the healing. Many share that a Master or one of our Higher Selves may work with them or walk with them for many hours before or after the healing and our discussions.

Who are Ascended Masters & Archangels?

The Ascended Masters are those that have cleared their karma and have left the cycle of rebirth. They work with each other in continuous love and support for humanity. You can read more about them on Alpha Imaging.


The Archangels are beings like Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. They are on their own ascension path and many are continuously helping humanity. You can read more here.

What does it mean that you have cleared your karma?

The healers that offer these healings have passed the 6th initiation, which means they are free from the cycle of rebirth on planet earth. They have cleared the karma from their chakras which means that their chakra system is clear and pure. Two of the healers have also passed the 7th initiation, which means that their Higher Self has completely integrated into their physical body. You can meet some of these new masters on the Alpha Imaging website.

What is a Torus?

A torus is an energetic structure that we use to connect to each other and to the Ascended Masters. This allows us to channel the healing directly to you. We use a technique that we learned as part of our ascension journey.

Will I know which Ascended Masters actually were part of the torus healing?

In the Zoom session, we will share who has stepped forward.

What is a Higher Self?

Each of us has a Higher Self. We understand that as a Soul, we have a Higher Self. That Higher Self is ascending as well. When they merge with us after the 7th initiation, then our Higher Selves are with us in our holy heart all the time. You can meet many of the New Masters that the Higher Selves for many of us offering these healings.

What is ascension?

These are the times of ascension. Everyone is on a journey of ascension to raise their consciousness. The healers that step forward for these healings are all actively ascending with help from the Ascended Masters and the teaching on the website.

What should I expect during the torus healing?

Everyone experiences energy healing differently. Some experience lights or colors. Some feel the energy in their body. Some hear information. Some don’t feel anything. Know that whatever you experience is just perfect for you. Trust in yourself to receive what you need to receive. 

How can I get the most out of the torus healing?

Healing is the most powerful when we are ready to receive. The intention to let go and receive is the first step in healing.